8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I appreciate the sentiments here, but are inclusion, agency, and transparency the most important factors for a democratic theorist?

    I’d suggest that the right focus is the need for democracy to be….

    + as participative, efficient, and consensual as possible.
    + sustainable (i.e hard to disrupt by bad actors) – so resolute and robust in itself.

    + as wise as it chooses to be (because a good democracy has to make a decision about how much it invests in it’s wisdom and if it prefers to be scientific or folksy

    All of these features would be subordinate to the need for it to be as fair as possible.


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks a lot for your thoughts! I think these are really important features of democratic participation. I feel like my inclusion and agency are reflected in your idea of making democracy more participative. There are lots of debates about what the most important features of democracy are. That’s the beauty of democracy. We don’t all need to agree. Democracy is constantly re-interpreted and re-invented.


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